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Our primary IT staffing goal is to cover your specific need, cost effectively, timely and efficiently. Our solution ensures technically proficient resources, trained and acclimated to your environment. Tejas Technologies, Inc. strives in being a provider of higher-value staffing services.people image

We focus on raising our client’s productivity through improved quality, efficiency and cost-reduction across their total workforce, enabling clients to concentrate on their core business activities.

Understanding project details including internal milestones, business impact, mission-criticality, project dependents and precedents, greatly enhances our ability to provide the right talent for the job. We strive to understand your organization and its hiring and ethics policies and incorporate them into psychological screening and ethics training. We are able to leverage relationships with our tightly knit community of technology staffing companies, to help find the appropriate candidate.

We carefully evaluate your needs and screen each candidate to ensure that your organization receives the best possible person for your staffing and recruitment needs.

If your company is looking for an efficient, timesaving way to find Consultants or you are a Consultant looking for the best way to find new projects, Tejas is the solution for you.
javajobs logoJavaJobs is a full featured job search engine which specializes in the area of Java programming.  We offer superior technology and customer service and have a strong track record of helping companies and job seekers find each other.

To post a job, view the current job listings or post your resume in please click here.

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