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Apogee Suite™ is an Enterprise Content Management System that uses best-of-breed Open Source technologies such as Spring, Hibernate and Lucene and modern standards such as JSR-168, JSR-170, Web Services and JavaServer Faces.  With contributions from the open source community, higher quality software can be produced more quickly and at much lower cost.

Apogee Suite™ is in part built by a team with years of experience in software design and Open Source solutions, including document imaging, and other top level applications that most enterprise customers expect from their IT solutions.

Apogee Suite™ allows users to access a simple to use, Intelligent Virtual File System from their native applications or portals with the full power of an Enterprise Content Management System.

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apogee logoTejas Technologies provides Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products, services and solutions aimed at helping businesses and government agencies capture, access, deliver and preserve their documents.

Our ECM solution is implemented using Apogee Suite™. It is one of the first leading ECM products that has a common API which allows developers to write content management applications that run against all CMIS-compliant repositories. Your data is now manageable.

Apogee Suite™ brings together the content management capabilities needed to manage all types of enterprise content—including business documents, vital records, Web content, digital assets (images, audio, and video), email, forms, reports and more. In addition, it promotes team collaboration with project and community workspaces, forums, blogs, wikis, and real-time instant messaging and collaboration.

business peopleThe customer is king and so is customer relationships. CRM is an acronym of Customer Relationship Management which is a business philosophy that involves the efforts of building a relationship with the customers to increase customer satisfaction and enhance the business arena. CRM is all about finding, acquiring and retaining customers and raising customer loyalty for the brand. customer service check

SugarCRM, is an Open Source CRM application that delivers a feature rich set of business processes enhancing marketing effectiveness, customer satisfaction and business performance. It meets the needs of the most demanding segments like marketing and sales reporting, team management, workflow management and more.

Tejas Technologies provides robust and effective CRM solutions with SugarCRM. We believe that the ROI from a CRM implementation is very crucial and in consideration of that we offer SugarCRM. The value adding element in our services would be planning and execution.


moodle logoA Learning Management System (LMS) manages the delivery of self-paced, e-learning courses. Most LMSes are web-based to facilitate anytime, anyplace and any pace access to learning content, as well as administration functions. The LMS lets you publish courses and place them in an online catalog. Learners login to the LMS using a browser, select courses from the catalog and launch them. The LMS tracks the learners’ activities with the courses. The LMS provides online reports for each course and learner.  An LMS may also be known as a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), a Course Management System (CMS), or a Distance Learning Environment (DLE).

Tejas Techologies provides one of the best and most widely used LMS solutions with Moodle. Moodle originally stood for Modular Object Oriented Distance Learning Environment.  It has become very popular among educators and corporations around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic web sites for their student and staff training.  It currently has over 52,000 registered installations serving over 30 million users in 75 languages.

Call us today for a free consultation and learn how our LMS solution enables you to manage training across the extended enterprise at a very affordable price.


joomla logoA Content Management System (CMS) enables one to add and/or manipulate content on a web site. Typically, a CMS consists of two elements: the Content Management Application (CMA) and the Content Delivery Application (CDA). The CMA element enables the content manager or the administrator, who may not know HTML, to manage the creation, modification, and removal of content from a web site without needing the expertise of a Webmaster. The CDA element uses and compiles that information to update the Web site.

Tejas Tech has vast experience in providing customized CMS solutions using Joomla!. Joomla! is an Open Source award-winning CMS specifically geared for building web sites for the internet and intranet. Joomla! CMS is easy to use and extremely extensible with over 4000 extensions currently available. Joomla! is currently being used worldwide as the underlying base for managing all types of applications from corporate web sites and portals to family home pages, from online magazines and newspapers to school and church web sites, as well as many government web-based applications. 

asteriskTejas Technologies' Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution is implemented using the Open Source Asterisk project. Like any PBX, our VoIP solution allows any number of attached telephones to make calls to one another, and to connect to other telephone services including the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and most VoIP protocols. It provides all of the standard PBX features and many additional features that are not available in your normal high-end PBX. Additional features such as voice mail delivery to e-mail, integration with customer relationship management systems and integration with database systems are standards in Asterisk and help broaden any organization’s ability to communicate and compete in today’s e-business world.

If your portfolio doesn't include VoIP, both you and your customers are missing business-expanding opportunities. Call us for a free consultation and learn about potential rewards, the calculated risks and the critical requirements for a successful VoIP installation.  

dimdimWeb Conferencing is implemented using Dimdim. Dimdim is an Open Source or commercial web conferencing service where you can share your desktop, show slides, collaborate, chat, talk and broadcast via webcam with absolutely no download required to host or attend meetings.  Dimdim is cross platform compliant and you will not have any last minute issues trying to figure out what your viewers need to participate in your conference.

If you've tried all those other web conferencing solutions and found them exceedingly expensive, difficult to implement and impossible to customize, then Dimdim is for you.  Dimdim was created as the easy, open and affordable web conference solution.

email imageOur webmail interface is leveraging the strength of the Open Source philosophy to innovate enterprise communication. Our email system is a truly modern, advanced messaging and collaboration application and is the premier Open Source solution for enterprise, service provider, education, and government environments, offering administrators and their end-users unmatched benefits.

Our web-based email system is implemented using the Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS). It transforms email and collaboration to become more efficient. Zimbra provides state-of-the-art messaging and collaboration software (email, calendaring, web document/spreadsheet authoring, etc.) for any organization. The ZCS architecture is ideally suited for today's growing market for service provider-based email and collaboration.

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