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The Apenmool Programmers Association is a non-profit organization of computer programmers that have embraced the Open Source movement. Its primary mission is to develop and advocate the use of Open Source software and to promote its utilization in public and private sectors. Open Source software is developed by a community of computer programmers from around the world and then freely distributed back to the community at large. One of the challenges that the Open Source movement faces is the lack of a single strong voice to promote its benefits. Instead, the movement relies on the many voices of the individuals in the community. Apenmool is proud to be a single voice in the choir that sings the praises of Open Source software.

Apenmool Generative Framework

The Apenmool Generative Framework is a programming system to facilitate rapid application development. The specifications of a project are stored in XML and Java files. A code generator is then used to build the application in a variety of configurations. Read more


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